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Consultation on proposed changes to the Self-Service Interface

The Self-Service Interface (SSI) is a web-based portal that allows users to obtain information about and interacts with, DCC Services. The requirements of the SSI are set out in section H8 of the Smart Energy Code (SEC). Any changes required to the SSI are required to be processed following the SSI Change Governance Process. 

Recent engagement with the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and Industry working groups has identified changes required to DCC Systems and scheduled for inclusion in the November 2020 release. As part of this release amendments to the SSI have been proposed. These changes have been accepted as SSI Improvement Proposals (SIPs) which are required to be processed through the SSI Change Governance Process and have been designated the references SIP#4 and SIP#5. 

SIP#4 proposes the addition of two new Electricity Smart Metering Equipment (ESME) variants for display via the SSI. SIP#5 proposes to avoid any SSI User impacts arising from some internal process improvement changes made within the DCC Systems relating to future dated command handling. Further details of these proposals are presented in the consultation.

You are invited to respond with comments by 17:00 on 28th September 2020.