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CH&N Consultation on further transitional provisions for the SEC

A DCC consultation on proposed transitional changes to the Smart Energy Code (SEC) to support the Communications Hubs & Networks Programme (CH&N).

This consultation proposes further transitional regulatory changes to support the 4G CH&N Programme. This is due to delays to the designation of the Main Body SEC changes by the Department as a result of the general election. These changes include:

  • Provisions supporting the orders for 4G Test Communications Hubs and for Device & User System Tests (DUST) during User Integration Testing (UIT)
  • End-dates for the suspension of Main Body SEC obligations the Department consulted on in September 2023 for the forecasting, ordering and delivery of 4G Communications Hubs.

This consultation also seeks your views on:

  • The redesignation date of the NETMAD to incorporate the above changes
  • A revision to the redesignation date of SEC Appendix H ‘Communications Hub Handover Support Materials’ (CHHSM) to support the 4G Forecasting, Ordering and Delivery Service

This consultation closes at 17:00 on Friday 5 July 2024. Please email your response using the template provided to