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Responsible Business Framework

Our Responsible Business Framework draws together an array of environmental, supply chain and social aspects of how we work, founded on the principles of sustainability. It consolidates these into a structured long-term plan, ensuring we are working towards a common goal and are delivering in areas where we can have the greatest impact.

Our framework will use performance and impact data to cover all aspects of DCC’s carbon footprint and sustainable behaviour, including the supply chain, our people, and the contribution we make to communities.

We have committed to four ambitions, which are at differing levels of maturity and development.


Our environment


Progressively reduce our environmental footprint, using robust, validated science-based measures.

solar panels

Our supply chain


Lead a collective effort across our supply chain to achieve, embed and evidence high standards of sustainability in all activities.


Our people


Build a diverse, inclusive business which prizes equality and fosters employee engagement and pride.


Our communities


Leverage our unique skills and expertise to accelerate our purpose and drive social good.

Angus Flett

“Businesses need to stand for something more than simply profitability. Together we have a responsibility to contribute to the climate change challenge and across society more broadly. We’re committed to being a responsible business every day we come to work and to living our purpose – making Britain more connected so we can all lead smarter, greener lives”

Angus Flett


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