Our Priorities

  • Support the successful smart meter roll-out across Great Britain
  • Help make Britain’s energy infrastructure more responsive
  • Deliver flexible, simple, cost-effective innovation
  • Continue to provide transparency and improving our engagement with customers and stakeholders

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Net Zero

We are helping to deliver Net Zero through:


The DCC can provide the secure communications infrastructure to make the transition to low-carbon technologies a reality.


The vast increase in the number of energy system components will require the secure communication and co-ordination capabilities that the DCC’s network enables.


Linking up millions of devices, and in the future, households and customers will increase exponentially the volume and value of data in the system.

Network Evolution

The Network Evolution Programmes focusses on the future of DCC operations in the smart metering process.

It explores how the new process, systems, and technologies can improve the live service, reduce the operating costs of the DCC system, and, above all, secure the continuity of a critical part of the UK’s national infrastructure.

Find out more about the Network Evolution Programme here. 

live wires

Faster switching

The overall purpose of Ofgem’s Switching Programme is to deliver a Central Switching Service (CSS) which will give consumers access to faster, more reliable switching of energy suppliers and support various Government policies to achieve digitisation and decentralisation of the energy market.

Find out more about the switching programme here.