Statement in response to Energy UK report on smart EV charging


Click here to see the report.


Angus Flett, CEO of the Data Communications Company, said:


“We disagree with the thrust of the report on EV smart charging published by Energy UK.


“The DCC network is a credible, pre-built and highly secure option for rapidly enabling smart EV charging at home and at work, where the vast majority of charging will take place.


“The benefits of the DCC supporting EV charging would be high standards of cybersecurity, interoperability avoiding consumers being trapped in poor deals, and secure load control to balance the grid when millions of electric vehicles are drawing down or offering back the power consumption of an average home. This solution is endorsed by key industry groups and meets NCSC requirements.


“Far from being some kind of rival to energy companies and chargepoint providers, the DCC network is a common enabling platform for competition, innovation and consumer choice which already exists, and is capable of supporting private EV charging.


“The network is a public asset, which can and should be used to deliver maximum public benefit – supporting home and workplace EV charging would be a strong example of this.”