SMETS1 Service Providers for IOC and for MOC and Integration Path Announcement


Following on from Smart DCC's SMETS1 announcement of the cohort sequencing for the Initial Operating Capability (IOC) and Middle Operating Capability (MOC) releases, Smart DCC has appointed SMETS1 Service Providers for these releases.

Smart DCC's decision on its appointment of SMETS1 Service Providers is CGI Instant Energy (IE) to deliver an IP5b (This path integrates existing SMSOs into the DCC Service, requiring SMSOs to develop a translation capability to meet the DUIS / MMC format contained within a new DSP interface) for IOC. 

Trilliant are selected to deliver the MOC solution, IP path selection to be announced.

Below are some Frequently asked questions and answers -

Q: What is the definition of a Cohort?

A: A Cohort relates to a set of Devices that are operated by a single Head end within an existing SMSO 

Q: What is the logic for deciding which meters/HES is in IOC, MOC & FOC? Will there be a consultation on this decision?

A: Technical, Cost & Risk. Understanding of the technical capability of device based on EOT (Enrolment Options Testing), our ability to enter into development contracts and technical risk of solution including timescales and the ability to meet LC13 objectives. 

Q: Why has IP5B integration path being chosen for IOC?

A: Because of the balance of time, cost, technical risk and delivery confidence. 

Q: Can DCC provide any evidence of any successful development and testing to date with these cohort of meters

A: DCC ran EOT (Enrolment Options Testing) on a number of devices which fed into its technical analysis. The IOC cohort is now under development in PIT. DSP code required to support SMETS1 service is currently going through system testing.  

Q: When will we know what SMETS1 meters are in development for IOC, MOC & FOC?

A: This was shared at the SMDG in April.

      IOC (30 Nov 2018) - Aclara, Itron and Elster (Elster via Vodafone) Gas and Electricity    meters.

     MOC (30 March 2019) - Landis and Gyr & Elster via Telefonica (MDS as the exiting SMSO supporting these meter) Gas and Electricity meters.

     FOC - Further announcement to be made

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