Smart DCC enhances senior team

The Data Communications Company (Smart DCC) has welcomed experienced hires to enhance its executive team.

The announcement comes as Smart DCC prepares to operate at scale with second-generation smart meters being installed onto the DCC's secure national network at an ever-increasing rate. 

  The new executive board appointments are:

  • Siobhan Stanger, chief regulatory officer, Smart DCC: Siobhan will lead Smart DCC's regulatory function, holding responsibility for DCC's strategy towards regulatory change across the UK's energy sector, as DCC prepares for new regulatory arrangements for SMETS1 meters and faster switching. A member of the executive committee, Siobhan will report directly to Chief Executive Angus Flett.

An experienced civil servant, Siobhan joins DCC with a wealth of experience in leadership roles across the education, energy and international development sectors, most recently as Deputy Director, Apprenticeships Funding at the Department for Education and previously as Deputy Director for Strategy at the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

  • George Eykyn, director of corporate affairs, Smart DCC: George now leads Smart DCC's communications team, holding accountability for the delivery of the company's corporate stakeholder relations, media engagement and digital strategy.

George joined DCC after four years as Director of Communications at British Gas. He is also a former civil servant, who led communications at the Department for Communities & Local Government for 5 years. George spent his earlier career as a BBC News correspondent and as a management consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Angus Flett, Chief Executive Officer of the Smart DCC, said: "I am delighted to welcome Siobhan and George to DCC at such an exciting time. These new hires will support the delivery of this new national infrastructure that will digitise one of the last analogue technologies, improving the way our heat and power network operates, and making the UK more energy resilient."

The Smart DCC, part of outsourcing firm Capita, has delivered a highly advanced national data and communications network that underpins and supports the roll-out of millions of smart meters. The Government estimates smart metering will reduce household energy bills by £300 million in 2020 alone. It will also make Great Britain more energy resilient and assist in the country's achievement of climate change obligations. Smart meters empower people to take control of their energy spend by having access to accurate energy readings, making estimated bills a thing of the past.