Revised date of commencement of Interface Testing


On 3 June DCC formally requested the use of four weeks of time contingency for 'DCC Live' (Release 1.2) submitting to DECC a new plan for the DCC, pursuant to Condition 13.16 of the Smart Meter Communication Licences.  This plan was approved by the Secretary of State on 14 June. Following this approval, and subsequent consultation with SEC Parties and other stakeholders, DCC additionally requested an amendment to the proposed start date for Interface Testing, moving it from the planned date of 27 June.  

This request was approved, and the Secretary of State (in accordance with the provisions in Section T3.13  of the SEC) has issued a letter directing DCC to determine a new start date for Interface Testing.

On the basis of this direction, DCC can confirm that the revised start date for Interface Testing will be 11 July.  

DCC request to change the start of Interface Testing - Secretary of State Approval