Launch of DCCKI Registration Service


DCC is pleased to announce that the DCCKI Registration service is now in live operation for the submission of nominations for test Senior Responsible Officers (SROs) and Authorised Responsible Officers (AROs) in readiness for Pre-User Integration Testing.

DCCKI Registration is as defined in the DCCKI RAPP which is available on the DCC website and which also contains PDF copies of the registration forms.  

DCC has also created Word versions of the forms to make it easier for Parties to complete them. These are available for download on the DCC's SEC Parties Operations LIVE SharePoint site in the Information for Parties/DCCKI folder.

These forms have not changed from the draft forms that were previously available, but are now renamed to v1.0 as the service is now live.

Please complete and sign the forms and upload them to theDCCKI/Test/Registrationfolder when you wish to make your DCCKI nominations.

Because of the personal data included on the forms, DCC is not able to accept DCCKI Registration forms by email; instead they must be uploaded to DCC's SharePoint into your secure SEC Party Library.

In here there is a DCCKI folder which contains both a live folder and a test one, each containing a registration folder. For test registrations, please upload your forms to theDCCKI/Test/Registration folder.

The DCCKI certificate process will be available shortly.

If you have any queries, please contact DCC Service Desk