DCC launches a major consultation on improving engagement with customers and stakeholders

Some of our customers tell us they want a bigger say in the direction of Smart DCC and the decisions we make which impact upon them. We hear you and here's how you have your say!

DCC has spent the last five years working hard to deliver the SMETS2 service and is proud that thousands of meters are now being installed every day. On top of that, the government and Ofgem have entrusted us with further work to integrate SMETS1 meters and deliver faster switching. Whilst this is going to keep Smart DCC and all of its customers busy over the next couple of years, we are starting to see opportunities for choices to be made and priorities to be set.

As our customers, you pay for Smart DCC, and it is right and proper that you want to be part of making those choices. But we need to understand from you, how best to make that possible.

We have launched a consultation which is full of our ideas on the different ways that customers and other stakeholders could get more involved with Smart DCC. It ranges from the way we set our strategy and direction to how we are held accountable for the money we spend. We are interested in your views on how technology can make those conversations easier and better, as well as more practical problems, like ensuring you only see the material that interests you.

We would love to hear your views on all our ideas, whether you love them or hate them, as well as any ideas you have which you think would work well.

We know that you are always being asked for your views on one thing or another and many of our smaller customers find it hard to spare time to focus on all these requests. So, whilst we are keen to get your opinions, we want to do so in a way that is as easy as possible for you.

A written response would be great, but if a chat with one of our team, next time you are in the area, or a phone conversation works best for you, then we would be very happy to make that happen. All contributions will be warmly welcomed.

So please help us to help you by telling us what you think and how Smart DCC can improve the way it engages with you!

See consultation details here