DCC Boxed Customer Survey

DCC wishes to gauge expressions of interest on DCC Boxed. To help us to do this, we’ve designed an online survey to gain an understanding from customers on the regulatory and financial models proposed for DCC Boxed. 

What is DCC Boxed?

DCC Boxed enables true end-to-end testing across the entire DCC ecosystem from DCC User Interface Gateway to the device set. 

You can prove and optimise your solutions end-to-end enabling earlier identification and more efficient triage of defects, reducing testing costs and “false start” deployments. This enables optimisation of orchestration, so reducing install failures and times, and supporting accurate real-time simulation of installation events in a training environment. 

Why are we conducting this survey?

We believe Customers would find this enhanced GFI product useful. We believe DCC Boxed could be useful to DCC Users, SEC Parties and in future other organisations, as a 'design proving' development tool.

This survey aims to provide briefing information to as many DCC Customers as possible on:

- Why we developed DCC Boxed

- What DCC Boxed is and how it could be useful for you

- When this could be available for you, depending on regulatory approach

- How much this could cost - for DCC Users only, proposed pricing models and cost information will be shared for full transparency

We’ve prepared a customer survey briefing pack to support this.  This pack contains further details to support your understanding and completion of the customer survey.

If the briefing pack isn't giving you all the information you would like, don't worry!  We are happy to provide briefing on request, and there will be an online Webinar on 15th April 2021.

Please click here to respond to the survey.

Please click here to find the customer briefing pack

 Engagement is key!

DCC has committed to engaging customers in a transparent way to enable a strong understanding of DCC plans and to enable customers to express their views on those plans. To do this DCC will signal clearly and early what we will engage on and the channel we will use, we will provide greater transparency in our engagement – sharing our evidence base for decisions where competition law, security and commercial sensitivities allow and share feedback we have received from customers and provide clear commentary on how input from customers has shaped our plans.

DCC engagement plans will fall in to one of three categories - Inform: where we engage with industry to ensure transparency of action and costs; Shape: where we outline and seek views on the proposed approach and the ultimate decision is with the DCC; or Survey: where the decision about how to proceed sits with customers. The engagements will be simple, targeted and proportionate and be linked to our internal decision-making processes so that customer views are considered throughout the life-cycle of our programmes and projects and engagements will be early and often, keeping disruption to a minimum.

This DCC Boxed Customer Survey fits into ‘survey’ where we will work with you to determine the approach as an initial first step.