Changes to the Self-Service Interface Design Specification


DCC has today published a new consultation on proposed changes to the Self Service Interface Design Specification.

DCC currently allows Users to access audit table records for meter read Service Requests in relation to supply points which are registered to them via the Self Service Interface (SSI).
As part of Release 1.4 (R1.4), new SSI functionality will be implemented which extends this to allow Users to access this information for any supply point, including those which are not registered to them.

The way this new functionality will be provided differs slightly from the way the SSI Design Specification describes, and because of this DCC is consulting on proposed changes to the SSI Design Specification to bring it into line with the proposed design.

We are also consulting on the proposed date for when the changes in the SSI Design Specific Specification should take effect. The consultation can be accessed via this link.

The deadline for responses is 17:00 on 17 October 2017.