Why DCC is a Great Place to Work

Becoming the executive sponsor for our new apprenticeships programme has prompted me to think about what it is that makes DCC an attractive place for people, particularly young people, to work and what we offer employees that join us. Here are a few of the reasons why I personally feel fortunate to work for DCC. 

I believe passionately in our agenda

DCC believes in making Britain more connected, so we can all lead smarter, greener lives.  What we do as an organisation makes a direct contribution to Britain’s efforts to reduce emissions and tackle climate change. By connecting smart meters to our network, consumers can use energy more efficiently and, by re-using the network, we can deliver other products and services like electric vehicle charging that will reduce emissions further. 97% of our people know we are a business with a clear purpose and a vision.

 Our people and culture

I am not the only person committed and passionate about what the DCC does - 90% of our people are proud to work at DCC. Having this shared passion and pride makes DCC a great place to work. Not only are our colleagues friendly and supportive, but collaborative. I think it is important to ensure that everyone is heard, and every contribution is celebrated.  

At DCC we have created a culture where people feel they are able to be who they are, with 95% of colleagues saying they are comfortable being themselves at work. We have a committed Diversity and Inclusion steering group, Wellbeing Champions, and a Social Committee that collaborates across all of our three offices. They help us plan celebrations of cultural events, host fun days, and evenings for our employees and raise awareness of important issues such as mental health and diversity in the workplace.   

DCC is a people-focused company and we ensure that our employees always feel supported and looked after.  I personally value the company’s approach to flexible working. Even before the current pandemic I worked part-time (4 days a week), started my days at 9:30 so that I could drop my daughter at nursery in the morning, and regularly worked from home. This flexibility enables me to balance my career and family in a way that works for me.  

We are committed to becoming a truly representative company. A diverse workforce is a better workforce. Our new apprenticeship scheme enables us to create opportunities for a new generation of talent. We have done everything we can throughout our apprenticeship recruitment and assessment process to ensure those from disadvantaged backgrounds have access to the same opportunities as those from more privileged backgrounds.  

The possibilities for the future  

DCC has so much room for innovation. Our network could be used to deliver tangible benefits in the health and social care sector, to deliver energy efficiency in the home, to detect water leaks and improve water metering. I am really excited to be part of an organisation that has the potential to make a real difference to people’s everyday lives and at DCC, I feel the possibilities are endless. 


By Siobhan Stanger, Chief Regulatory Officer