Spotlight on…our new apprentices

Meet Kate Munday, Aakifah Mohamed, Umar Patel, and Johnathan Limerick, who joined us in September to complete our four-year degree apprenticeship scheme. At almost a month in, we asked our new apprentices how they’re finding it…

How have you found the first few weeks as an apprentice at the DCC?

Umar: The initial induction being online rather than in person felt unusual, however, everyone has been very welcoming and made me feel comfortable whilst trying to fit in to a new environment, especially with this being my first full-time job.

Kate: My first few weeks as an apprentice have been excellent so far. I was a little nervous about starting but everybody I have met has been incredibly welcoming.

Johnathan: My first week at the DCC was relaxed and very welcoming. Everyone was reassuring and extremely open to helping with technical issues and everybody seemed well mannered and enthusiastic.

Aakifah: I have found my first few weeks to be quite informative. It was interesting getting to know more about the DCC and the people I will be working with. 

What have you learnt about the DCC?

K: It’s clear that everyone really does care about the important work being done at the DCC.  The work is complex, fast-paced, and requires many different technical skills. It’s going to be a great place to learn.

U: I’ve learnt the importance of diversity and culture within the company and how it contributes greatly to having such a successful workplace environment.

A: Since starting, I have got a better understanding of how the DCC operates and the different departments involved in helping the DCC provide its services.             

J: I’ve learnt that the DCC aims to create a greener world by allowing people to live-monitor their energy consumption.

What are you most excited about?

J:  I am most excited about talking to all my colleagues face to face and visiting the site in person. I'm really looking forward to the concept of meeting my mentors and getting into the groove of conventional desk work.

K: I’m looking forward to doing the individual placements to learn more about the work of each department and how they all come together.

U: I am looking forward to being able to start placements and working on projects as part of a team, whilst learning and implementing new skills in daily work life.

A: I’m really looking forward to starting my placements and learning valuable skills with the support of colleagues.