Interoperability Event Update

Written by Mannu Rawat, Head of Product Design at the Data Communications Company.

Interoperability of smart meters is critical to maintaining the smart experience of the consumer. To help improve customer experience, Smart DCC facilitates and conducts Interchangeability and Innovation Testing events six times a year. The event allows device manufacturers and application providers to trial their technology and devices during early development stages before connecting to our network.

During the November and December period for interoperability testing at our site in the North West, Smart DCC achieved the key step in the development of smart energy home technologies and consumer data remote management concept. This was successfully achieved by testing interoperability between:

  • 868MHz gas meters
  • 2.4GHZ electric meters
  • Dual band communication hubs
  • 2.4GHz consumer access devices
  • Non-smart metering remote access to consumer data via WIFI and 4g on Mobile Application

Each metering device tested had a level of historical consumption data pre-loaded and had live consumption running. Data functions included live and historical data (daily and weekly consumption in pound and pence, energy usage daily and weekly energy usage in kWh) through the consumer home area network.

The data testing was successful and accessed using mobile phone applications (android and IOS) designed for the end consumer use and was retrieved by administration web pages intended for DCC users. The diagram below shows the overview of interoperability achieved. 

Smart DCC will be organising these interoperability events going forward at the Smart DCC Lab and will allow for further trial of innovative new products for smart metering devices in the UK.

Please note, the next interoperability event is planned from 12 February to 21 February 2019.

To participate in future interoperability events as a device manufacturer or solution provider please contact: