Getting the basics right for our customers


Written by Mo Asif, Director of Service Management at smart DCC

People often talk to me about brilliant examples of customer service that’s gone above and beyond and really wowed an individual or a business: a delivery driver who’s gone out of their way to make sure the package arrived on time or the engineer who’s fished a wedding ring out of the drain and made someone’s day. All these exciting examples of unexpected levels are service are great, but it’s equally important to make sure we (customer service professionals) get the "hygiene" factors right too.

Earlier this year I wrote a blog about a series of service management improvements I want to make across the Data Communications Company, all intended to help us be as a good at the basics as we can for our customers. I wanted to come back to tell you about something new that we’re bringing to customers this month.

We’re introducing a new customer relationship service wrap that will be with all our customers by the end of March, provided by DCC service managers. We’ve had feedback that not all our customers have found it easy to find the right person to speak to at the DCC in the past: we want to change that. The new customer relationship service wrap will provide all customers with a quick access guide on how to interact with DCC operations on a day to day basis. Now we know things are changing quickly in our industry, so we promise to make this a live document that will be regularly reviewed and changed were necessary.

A vital part of getting brilliant at the basics is to make sure our service wrap is a two-way process, so we’ll be asking our customers to provide input on their ways of working so our teams here at the DCC know how best to work with theirs. And, as always, any improvement suggestions will be looked at thoroughly.

Although it may seem like a relatively small adjustment, it feels like an exciting step in ensuring our customers are getting what they need from the DCC. We want this change to be about building peer-to-peer relationships that benefit everyone and ultimately bringing better governance to our service management.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you’ve got any questions about this new initiative and I’ll be happy to answer them.