Five findings from the IOT Summit

Matt James, Business Development Manager

Last week I joined a Tech Summit in Glasgow. 700 people attended with representation from a multitude of industries and academia. It was a highly successful event arranged by CENSIS, Scotland’s Innovation Centre for sensing, imaging and IoT. We’re grateful for the invite and look forward to hosting them at our experimentation environment next week.

Here are our top five findings from the summit:

1. Kate Forbes MSP emphasised the impact IoT technologies and services are having on peoples lives. A recent trial, which collates blood pressure information from patients remotely, reduced appointments by 30%. A new programme, led by CENSIS will focus specifically on health monitoring solutions

2. 90% of our planet still has no connectivity at all – but satellite connectivity could change this

3. 99% of all sensor data is currently discarded due to challenges of cost, frequency or bandwidth

4. Software IoT developers are increasingly turning to environmental and ecology challenges. For example, a waste management company have recently delivered 30% reduction in service cost through sensors in every bin

5. Fusing different sensor data and lateral combinations of meta-data are going to open up a whole host of new opportunities.