Empowering careers through education in early careers and beyond


 Written by Cliff Morton, Director of People and     Organisational Development at smart DCC.

 It’s been encouraging to see so many LinkedIn posts and   articles about empowering careers through education;   and the arrival of National Careers Week and   International Women’s Day in the same week serves as a   timely reminder that my team and I remain vanguards   and champions of the supportive and inclusive culture   that everyone at DCC deserves.

 I’m passionate about making sure we’re providing the   right opportunities for everyone here at smart DCC.   Encouraging new colleagues who come to work with us,   but also keeping that education going for those that have   been here longer. Our goal, my goal, is to help their careers flourish.

 Smart DCC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Capita and started life as a small group of individuals. But, recently we’ve seen significant growth in the number of permanent colleagues we have. It’s a very exciting time to be here, as we work to help deliver the smart energy future for the country.

We’re going to keep on maturing as a business, and I want to make sure that we keep personal development in mind. It’s important for colleagues, but it also hugely benefits the business to have our people develop and learn while they’re with us. To help with early careers, we’ve opened our doors to a graduate scheme and are excited to welcome a set of graduates into the smart DCC each year and are already seeing encouraging results here with many joining as permanent employees. As a young organisation there’s still more to do for early careers and to ensure diversity in our workforce. We’re looking into a range of things, but some exciting prospects include an internship programme, encouraging our colleagues to deliver educational talks in schools and working with groups such as Women in Technology.

It’s important to me that all of my colleagues have the opportunity to develop and are given the support from us in doing so. We’re creating an environment that encourages empowerment, trust and support. In 2018 I was delighted that we launched our ‘Fully charged’ programme. It is focused on supporting and developing all our people through new initiatives, mentoring programmes and coaching for those that have identified a need. What’s our goal with all this? It’s to support everyone in the growth of their career and give them every chance to succeed. It’s been so exciting to see colleagues move through our fully charged programme and I think we’re seeing some excellent results!

While we still have work to do at smart DCC I feel excited that we’re heading in the right direction and we can be really proud of the personal development and wellbeing opportunities we provide to colleagues.