Wendy Liddell - supporting our customers 24 hours a day

As more meters are connected to our network, understanding our customers and providing great service is becoming more and more important. Wendy Liddell, Head of the DCC Service Centre explains the operational support we offer and the value it provides. 

The DCC Service Centre is our single point of contact, offering a 24/7 support service for our users on live operational matters. Our team triages incoming requests and incidents with an aim to fix them at the first point of contact. Where that is not possible, they are responsible for assignment to our Service Providers second and third line resolver groups.

As Head of the DCC Service Centre I am responsible for leading, engaging and developing the team of First Line Analysts, across multiple sites. I ensure there is a consistently customer-centric approach to managing stakeholder relationships, implementing technology-enabled solutions, and designing processes and service recovery models.  The DCC understands the powerful correlation between staff satisfaction and customer satisfaction, so my role is to ensure that the Service Centre Management Team are both customer champions and staff champions and have the right competencies and knowledge to influence both groups.

Understanding our customers core business activities is critical, as any incorrect assignment or wrong prioritisation that delays resolution will ultimately increase our customers operational costs or result in reputational damage.  Timely communications on any service outages is a critical part of our role; a delay to notify our customers of known issues may result in wasted engineer visits or aborted installs.


Wendy Liddell, Head of Service Centre