Dan Wilkinson - applying the DCC network for public good

As we aim for our goal of reaching net-zero in the UK, reusing our secure network for public good is becoming more and more important. Dan Wilkinson, Proposition Development Manager at the DCC, explains how is team manage and develop what the DCC has to offer. 

I am the Proposition Development Manager in the product management team in the CTO division. We are a team of product managers and our role is to manage and develop the range of products and services that the DCC offer.

Our team has a broad reach across new and existing products and services, from defining frameworks to productise the DCC’s existing services so they can be managed and developed, to developing new products and services to make it easier for our customers and device manufacturers to integrate with the DCC, like testing services. We also manage the Elective Communications Services, services where the DCC users can specify their own bespoke messages from the DCC.

As part of our testing facilities we have an Experimentation Environment where we are testing load control of electric vehicle (EV) chargers and batteries via connected load control switches.

Finally, we look at the horizon to explore cases to re-use the DCC network for public good, exploring how the DCC can play a role beyond energy metering in providing services to the EV industry and harnessing the data and connectivity in the network. This could include detecting EV connections to inform infrastructure development, to the connection of environmental and other sensors to help, for example, with air quality and health monitoring.

By Dan Wilkinson, Proposition Development Manager