Building a smarter Britain, one step at a time

The 2 millionth second-generation smart meter installation marked an important step on our journey to build a more connected, smarter and greener Britain.

It’s a milestone that couldn’t have been achieved without the hard work of our customers and partners; the energy companies, network operators and service providers.  Thank you to everyone who has played their part in what is one of the biggest, most complex national infrastructure projects being delivered in Europe right now.

The 2 million milestone shows the scale and pace of progress since May 2019 when we hit the 1 million mark. In just 4 months that number has doubled and the network is now handling 70 million messages, 50% more than in July. But we know that there’s a lot more to be done to support our customers with their roll out and increase the velocity of connections to the network.

There are some major projects ahead of us and we’re working hard with our partners and customers to help deliver them. Migrating SMETS1 meters onto our network is a complex, challenging project with over 500 technical combinations that need to be tested. And by the end of the year, Dual Band Comms Hubs will be available to be installed in peoples homes where connectivity has historically been an issue.

The 2 millionth meter was installed in Carshalton, Surrey, though the county isn’t the most connected in Britain. Our data shows that Tewkesbury, Bolsover and South Derbyshire have taken the top spots; their residents are officially the fastest adopters of a technology that will help them live smarter, greener lives.

When operating at scale, Big Data is just one of the many enablers potentially offering up new products and services.  Our 5 year plan shows some of the many innovations our network can enable, from powering consumer apps to enabling new services for our energy customers. These innovations will drive down the cost of operating the network and help build the smarter, greener Britain we all aspire to live in.