We’ll be running our next innovation test event from 9th – 12th April at the Thornton Energy Centre, Chester University.

  • Test sessions available 9th – 12th April
  • Industry info day 10th April

These sessions are a great opportunity for industry organisations and innovators to test new and prototype devices solutions with smart meter system devices

For the forthcoming event, we’re aiming to help you in three areas:

  • Demonstrating connectivity of mobile applications to Consumer Access Devices and cloud solutions (a number of the main CAD manufacturers will be attending).
  • Testing load control solutions including the function of the HAN Connected Auxiliary Load Control Switch
  • Set-up and operation of the smart meter export functionality

Who do we think this will be of interest to?

Energy suppliers, technology companies, innovators - anyone with a developed or prototype:

  • Mobile application for energy data
  • Demand side response solution or load control device
  • Micro-generation system – renewables and battery storage

For those organisations who don’t yet have a working prototype, we’re planning to run an information day on the 10th – to cover these topics and provide time for questions and 1-1 advice.

If you are keen to attend, please contact matt.james@smartdcc.co.uk with details of your area of interest and we will follow up with further information.


Date & Time:

Tuesday 09th April 2019


The Energy Centre Thornton, University of Chester, Thornton Science Park, Pool Lane, Ince, Cheshire, CH2 4NU