Migration Scaling Methodology

The Migration Scaling Methodology (MSM) details how constraints in DCC’s migration capacity are managed.

Version 4.0 of the MSM was published on 11 December 2020 and is effective from 4 January 2021.

SMETS1 Migration Scaling Methodology Regime V4.0 

In accordance with V4.0 of the MSM, DCC advises that the value of DMIN (used within the MSM for the flat allocation) is 100 SMETS1 Installations per day.

SMETS1 Migration Demand Template v1.0 (unchanged from V3.0) 

Sample DC-AAA123_70-B3-D5-1F-30-00-A0-08_CGI_20190121 (unchanged from V3.0) 

Sample DR_AAA123_70-B3-D5-1F-30-00-A0-08_CGI_20190121 (unchanged from V3.0) 

For reference, this is the prior published version of the MSM.

Version 3.0 effective from 20 June 2019 SMETS1_Migration_Scaling_Methodology_v3.0