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Other Contracts

Acuity Risk Management LLP - STREAM License Agreement

Cigital Limited - Provision of an Independant Code Review Service

Critical Software Technologies - Provision of a File Signing System Utility

SMBC Leasing (UK) Limited - Production of reports and execution management services provided

Deloitte - Compliance Officer

Deloitte - Competent Independent Organisation (CIO)

EU Skills - Installer Training Plan Comparative Review

Ernest & Young LLP - Accounting support in respect of Principal vs Agent Accounting

Foundation SP - Agreement for the provision of a Document Management Solution

Hay Group - Reward Benchmarking at Smart DCC Ltd

Hunter MacDonald Ltd - Consultancy Agreement / Systems Integration Test Review

Innovation Digital Ltd - DCC Website Hosting, Support & Maintenance

KPMG - Audit of Regulatory financial statements for the year ended 31 March 2015

Mosaique - PMO Software Solution

PA Consulting - Proposal to support development of contractual change approach for DSP / CSP contracts

Rinedata - SAP Business Planning & Consolidation Support

Rinedata - Consultancy Services Agreement

Rinedata - Software Licence Agreement

tScheme Limited -Model Agreement Relating to tScheme Registered Applicants (document reference tSd0253) - DCA

tScheme Limited -Model Agreement Relating to tScheme Registered Applicants (document reference tSd0253) - ICA

tScheme Limited -Model Agreement Relating to tScheme Registered Applicants (document reference tSd0253) - OCA

Trilliant Networks (UK) Ltd - Communications Hub HHT Interface Assurance Review

Deloitte Engagement Letter - Competent Independent Organisation 

Rinedata - Software Support and Maintenance Agreement

Gartner - Master Consulting Services Agreement

Program Orbit - Platform Efficiency - ATOS

Comms Hub Real Time Testing - iWireless

Trilliant Contract

Preston Brook Tenancy Agreement

Preston Brook Tenancy Agreement for Additional Area

Fabric Hosting Contract - Capita ITES

Intercompany Agreement between Smart DCC Ltd and Capita Business Services Ltd

New Energy Finance Contract - Bloomberg

DCCT0014 - Provision of SOC2 Security Assessment - Mazar

Supply of Meter Devices and Manufacturer Support Services for Device Integration Testing EDMI_Redacted

DCCT0037 R2.0 SIT Emulator - Deloitte_Redacted

Communications Hubs Real Life Testing 2.4GHz and Sub GHz - iWireless_Redacted

DCCT0009 Program Orbit - Platform Efficiency - ATOS_Redacted

DCCT0036 Managed Emulator Service - SLS_Redacted

DCCT0040 Switching CSS VFM - Hunter Macdonald_Redacted

DCCT0027 Interim Time Recording Solution - Hunter Macdonald_Redacted

Valtech  - Demand Management Model-Phase 2_Redacted

DCCT0015 Switching Design Proving Project - TVS_Redacted

DCCT0064 SMS Tactical Test Lab

Oracle - MYSQL Licences - REDACTED

DCCT0058 - Internal Comms Project Phase 1 - Synergy_Redacted

Google Cloud Platform Licence Agreement_Redacted