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Consultancy Framework Contracts

These documents have been redacted to maintain the necessary commercial confidentiality. DCC will update these as a result of any future change if necessary.

DCCFC0001      PA Consulting Price Control Support 14/15

DCCFC0001 (1) Baringa Solution Architect for Dual Band Comms Hub

DCCFC0002      PA Consulting Price Control Support 2014/15 Extension

DCCFC0003      BMT Hi-Q Sigma Communications Architect Consultant

DCCFC0004      Baringa Solution Architect for Dual Band Comms Hub

DCCFC0005      Baringa Solution Architect for Dual Band Comms Hub

DCCFC0006      Deloitte Rate Of Return methodology review

DCCFC0007      BMT Hi-Q Sigma Switching Implementation Consultancy

DCCFC0009      Deloitte Ofgem Overhead Methodology Review

DCCFC0010      PA Consulting Price Control 15/16

DCCFC0011      Baringa Solution Architect for Dual Band Comms Hub

DCCFC0013      Baringa Programme Consultancy

DCCFC0015      Baringa DBCH SME Consultancy Services

DCCFC0016      Europe Economics Consultancy on Assessment of Rate of Return

DCCFC0017      Baringa Programme Consultancy Support extension

DCCFC0018      BMT Hi-Q Sigma Switching Implementation Consultancy - Extension

DCCFC0028 BMT-HI-Q Sigma Switching Implementation Consultancy and PMO Services


DCCFC0021  Switching Implementation Consultancy and PMO Services 2016 - BMT

DCCFC0023 - Switching Programme Controls Implementation Consultant - BMT

DCCFC0027 Supply Chain Future Review Q1 2017 - Wavestone

DCCFC0034  Delivery of Security Products and Security Support to the Switching Programme - BMT

DCCFC0037  PMO Transformation - BMT

DCCF0047 - Urgent Interim Support Related to Price Control

DCCFC0030a - DCC Communications Hub RFP Creation

DCCFC0046 - Phase 2: Change Implementation and Strategy - Accenture

DCCFC0038 - Interim Executive Business Manager - Accenture

DCCFC0033 - Business Change Portfolio Function Implementation - Accenture 

DCCFC0022 Solution Architect for DBCH - Baringa

DCCT0017 - Delivery Hub Framework - Accenture

DCCFC0025 - DBCH SME Consultancy Services - Baringa

DCCFC0026 - Project Management Consultancy Services - Baringa

DCCFC0031 - Solution Architect for DBCH - Baringa

DCCT0010 - Customer Journey - Baringa

Consultancy Framework Agreement - Accenture

Consultancy Framework Agreement - ASE Consulting

Consultancy Framework Agreement - Baringa Partners

Consultancy Framework Agreement - BMT-HI-Q Sigma Ltd

Consultancy Framework Agreement - Capita Business Services 

Consultancy Framework Agreement - Deloitte LLP

Consultancy Framework Agreement - Mason Advisory Ltd

Consultancy Framework Agreement - PA Consulting Services Ltd

Consultancy Framework Agreement - SQS Software Quality Systems AG

DCCFC0044 Documentation review project Foundation SP_Redacted

DCCFC0043 Service Provider Release 2.0 Impact Assessments - DBCH - Baringa_Redacted

DCCFC0029 Meter Emulator Assurance - PA Consulting_Redacted

DCCFC0024 Dual Band Hub Should Cost - PA Consulting_ Redacted

DCCFC0020 Price Control Support CR160 - PA Consulting_Redacted

DCCFC0042 Service Provider Release 2.0 Impact Assessments - DBCH - PA Consulting_Redacted

DCCFC0041 Business Resilience Review - Deloitte_Redacted

DCCFC0035 Delivery Hub Programme Define and Mobilise+Gate Sprint - Baringa

DCCF022 - E2E Switching Arrangements Security Risk Management Strategy - BMT

DCCFC0012 Demand Modelling Contract - REDACTED

DCCT0005 HR Foundation Support - PA Consulting_Redacted

DCCF00017 PA Consullting Assurance of Internal DCC Finance Models

DCCT0178- PA Consulting: Price Control Support 

PRO96- Baringa: Understanding our customers - Stakeholder mapping

DCCT0225- PA Consulting: CIO Assessment for SMETS1 MOC and FOC

DCCT0065- Accenture: Provision of Rapid Deployment Consultancy Support

DCCT0159- Accenture: Delivery of the Ecosystem Management Framework

DCCT0164- Deloitte LLP: Executive Programme Management Office Services