Communications Hubs will be installed in homes to allow smart meters and in-home displays to connect to each other across the Smart Meter Home Area Network (SM HAN).

Latest Updates

    • 26
    • June 2020
    Elective Communications Services

    On the 31st March 2020, we released a questionnaire inviting our customers to respond on how we could re-align the ECS offering to better suit your needs. Here are our findings.

    • 22
    • June 2020
    Statement of Service Exemptions 2020

    DCC has published a final version of the Statement of Service Exemptions for the Regulatory Year 2019-20. This has been submitted to and approved by Ofgem.

    • 22
    • April 2020
    Becoming carbon neutral in 2020

    To mark Earth Day, we're delighted to announce that we became carbon neutral in March this year.