Enduring Test Approach

Friday 10 July - Friday 31 July 2015

The ETAD is a SEC Subsidiary Document, which describes the manner in which the DCC will provide Testing Services on an enduring basis, i.e. following the closure of the End-to-End Testing Stage . The document also includes the obligations on test participants during the transitional testing stages including: Systems Integration Testing; Interface Testing; End-to-End Testing; and during the conduct of User Entry Process Testing (UEPT) and for SMKI & Repository Entry Process Testing (SREPT).

The first iteration of the ETAD sets out the security requirements for Testing Participants in respect of the Testing Services and the manner in which the DCC will make IKI and SMKI Test Certificates available for the purposes of transitional testing. The consultation responses to the first iteration of the document are being considered and the proposed contents will be revised as appropriate.

This second iteration of the document includes the manner in which DCCKI Test Certificates will be made available and the obligations associated with the use of Remote Test Lab Services.

The document will be subject to further change to reflect the provisions associated with testing in the Enduring Testing Stage.

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