DCC Responses

Here we publish our response to consultations carried out by other organisations. Our responses reflect the views of Smart DCC Ltd and our Service Providers.

Formal submission of UTS regulatory documents

Formal submission of UTS Test Phase documentation

Response to changes to the ICHIS and CHSI

DCC has published a response to the consultation and new versions of the ICHIS and CHSI.

Consultation response: Changes to the ICHIS

DCC issued a consultation on 31 August on amendments to the Intimate Communications Hub Interface Specification (ICHIS), which is a specification required under H12 of the SEC. The amendments are focussed on the introduction of a temporary adjustment to the level of Radio Frequency (RF) noise that a

DCC consultation on UTSAD and SEC changes

DCC has, today, launched its consultation on its User Testing Services Approach Document for SMETS1 Services which DCC proposes will allow the SMETS1 Service to be delivered in the most economic and efficient way possible.

DCC conclusions on start date for Testing Services for SMETS1

DCC ran a consultation from 31 July to 15 August 2018 in accordance with Sections H14.31 and H14.36A of the Smart Energy Code (SEC), which proposed that the date that the DCC should start providing both Device and User System Testing and the Pending Product Combinations Tests (PPCT) Services for...

DCC consultation on start date for Testing Services for SMETS!

As part of the changes to the regulatory framework being made by BEIS in order to enable DCC's provision of SMETS1 Services, changes to activate provisions H14.31 & H14.36A of the SEC took effect on 18 July 2018.

Conclusions of SEC Variation TAD for SMETS1 Services

DCC has today published its Secretary of State Report in preparation for the designation of the SVTAD for SMETS1 Services into the SEC

Common Test Scenario Document for Release 2.0: DCC Alerts

DCC consulted in May on the removal of two DCC Alerts from the Common Test Scenario Document (CTSD) which had been updated to reflect the requirement of Release 2.0.

Consultation on DCC Performance Measurement Methodology

The DCC Performance Measurement Methodology (DCC PMM) document details the Performance Measurement Methodology in accordance with Section H13 of the SEC. The document was subject to consultation and the consultation conclusions document and the finalised version of the DCC PMM document have now...

DCC consultation on SMETS1 SVTAD

DCC consulted in November 2017 on the proposed SEC Variation Testing Approach Document (SVTAD) for SMETS 1 Services. Following this consultation and upon stakeholder request, DCC has developed a regulatory version of the SVTAD which sets out the rights and obligations of those who provide and use...