Common Test Scenarios

Friday 8 May - Friday 29 May 2015

The Common Test Scenarios Document (CTSD) translates the provisions set out in the Smart Energy Code (SEC) into tests which measure the ability of relevant Parties to act as DCC Users and interoperate with the DCC.

As part of the process for becoming a (DCC) User in a particular User Role, a Party is required to conduct User Entry Process Tests (UEPT) against the scenarios that are set out in the Common Test Scenarios Document (CTSD) for that User Role.

The CTSD was initially consulted upon in August 2014, and submitted to the Secretary of State in October 2014. The document has now been revised so that it aligns with changes made to the DCC's design documents, including the DCC User Interface Specification.

The CTSD is submitted to the Secretary of State seven months in advance of the commencement of Interface Testing, when UEPT will first take place.

Common Test Scenarios Document consultation wrapper

Common Test Scenarios Document v1.8

Common Test Scenarios Document v1.8 - tracked