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Smart DCC Licence

Smart DCC Ltd (DCC) operates under the Smart Meter Communication Licence which was granted by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and is regulated by Ofgem.

The licence allows us to establish and manage the smart metering data and communications infrastructure.

Under this licence, we must also be a Party to and comply with the Smart Energy Code (SEC) which suppliers, network operators, other Parties and DCC users also need to comply with.

Licence key facts

  • DCC is regulated by Ofgem
  • The licence came into effect on 23 September 2013
  • The licence term is 12 years (with a maximum further period of six years)
  • The licence imposes an ex-post Price Control regime to scrutinise DCC costs
  • The licence may be modified by BEIS (up to 31 October 2023) or Ofgem