Switching Programme delivery partners

DCC conducted in-depth and thorough procurement processes to select and award contracts to our key delivery partners for the Switching Programme. Our delivery partners are fundamental to the success of the programme and we are delighted to be working with them.

Expleo is the Core Systems Assurance (CSA) provider. Its remit is to give Ofgem confidence in the delivery of the Core Systems services ensuring the Design, Build and Testing (DBT) phase of the Switching Programme is delivered to cost, time and quality.

Expleo will play a vital role in providing governance and independent assurance through the DBT and early life support phase of the Programme. Importantly it will provide an opinion to Ofgem which it will rely on to inform its decision on whether the Switching Arrangements should go live.

Landmark is the Central Switching Service (CSS) provider. The CSS is made up to two elements, the Registration Service and the Address Service. The Registration Service will manage the gas and electricity registrations and associated data including Retail Energy Location (REL) addresses and Registrable Measurement Points. It will receive switching request data from Energy Suppliers. It will also provide data to the DCC Smart Metering Data Service Provider and other organisations to replace the existing registration data feeds.  The Address Service will establish and manage a complete list of GB standardised addresses and perform address matching to produce a REL address which will be used for switching purposes.

Landmark will design, build, test and transition to live operation the new CSS. It will then support and maintain the CSS for at least the first five years post-Go Live.

Netcompany will provide Systems Integration Services for the duration of the DBT phase of the Programme. Netcompany will work closely with the Existing Service Providers (ESPs) as well as our delivery partners to manage the development of the new Switching Service. It will oversee, co-ordinate and manage the integration, testing and transition to live operations of the CSS components and the changes to core systems and services, including associated data migration activities and design management. Netcompany’s key responsibilities are to:

  • finalise and execute the detailed approach and plan for management of integration and testing;
  • provide fit-for-purpose testing environments and artefacts for use by all testing participants and an industry testing service;
  • provide physical Design Management services; and
  • finalise and execute the detailed approach and plan for CSS Data Migration.

Capgemini is the service management tools (SMT) provider for the CSS. The SMT for the Switching Programme comprise two elements, a Service Management System and a Self-Service Portal (SSP).  The SMS will consist of several applications, reports and interfaces that together will provide full Service Management support for Switching. The functionality will include history and audit trail facilities relating to the resolution of queries and incidents and interfaces to Market Participant Service Management Systems.  It will enable the Switching Operations Management Service, Switching Service Desk, new and existing Service Providers and Market Participants to perform their Service Management responsibilities collaboratively and a centralised view and management of incidents to be maintained.

The SSP will allow authorised Market Participant representatives to access the Switching SMS directly to raise queries and incidents, track progress, provide data, such as demand data, and obtain information about the End-to-End Switching service. The aim of the SSP is to reduce reliance on the Switching Service Desk and to enable Market Participants to become largely ‘self-sufficient’. 

Capgemini will design, build, test and transition to live operation the new Switching SMTs. It will then support and maintain these tools for at least the first five years post-Go Live.