SMETS1 SEC updates

UPDATE: 5 September 2018

Additional amendments  to the SEC Subsidiary Documents that define DCC's service for SMETS1 devices

During the course of development and testing for SMETS1 Services, DCC has identified a number of areas that require addressing to a number of SEC Subsidiary Documents (SSD) that were previously baselined through TBDG in February 2018:

  • DUIS
  • MMC
  • SRPD and
  • S1SR

The proposed amendments include changes to the S1SR to accommodate identified device specific behaviours for the expected IOC cohort. It is envisaged that DCC will continue to analyse device specific behaviours and consult on the remaining changes to the S1SR over the next few months. Additionally, the changes incorporate updates to DUIS following the re-designation of DUIS V2.0 in June 2018.

DUIS V3.0 Draft Release Note 1.0

MMC V3.0 Draft 2 Release Note 1.0

S1SR version 0009 Release Note 1.0

SEC Appendix AB - Service Request Processing Document v1.2a DELTA FROM draft 1

SEC Appendix AD - DCC user Interface Specification v3.0 Draft 2 DELTA FROM Draft 1

SEC Appendix AF - Messaging Mapping Catalogue V3.0 Draft 2 DELTA FROM Draft 1

SMETS1 Supporting Requirements version 0009 DELTA FROM 000SRPD V1.2a Release Notes 1.0

SRPD V1.2a Release Notes 1.0

In case of any questions, stakeholders are invited to submit these to