Electric Vehicles

Clean, smart power for the nation's electric vehicles. Watch to find out how DCC can support a nationwide charging infrastructure and help make Britain more connected, so we can lead smarter, greener lives.

In the future the data passing through our network could be used for a variety of cases, including:

  • Informing the accurate planning of EV charging infrastructure by monitoring load and connection events
  • Informing network operators of the status and performance of the low voltage network so they can respond to planned and unplanned events related to EV charging
EV charger
live wires


  • Proportional Control
  • Boost
  • Switching Calendar
  • Over-ride
  • Coverage

  • Connectivity
  • Secure platform¬†
  • Change of supplier
  • Read Load Control Data
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  • Allows consumers, utilities and networks to manage load to balance the grid/network
  • Allows customer to over-ride proportional control events to get full charge when they need it
  • Allows utilities to provide a granular charging schedule to balance the needs of the grid/network and the customer and allows start and end simultaneously with a Time of Use tariffs
  • Allows Utilities or Networks Operators the ability to over-ride Switching calendar schedules to control load to balance the network

  • Secure WAN with connectivity to every home and small business in GB will ensure consumer uptake can be maximised
  • 5 Second return time for messaging and 10 second metering of electricity consumption data allows Utilities and Networks to respond quickly to Network events
  • We are a trusted data and connectivity partner with a security model endorsed by the National Cyber Security Centre
  • Gaining supplier/operator will be able to continue to operate the charge point
  • Allows a gaining supplier to read the existing details of a load controller