EV charging, the challenges

Securing Britain's future EV charging system

Britain's fight against climate change means that soon there will be millions of electric vehicles on our roads but, if we don't develop the right network for charging them, we'll face problems.

DCC can enable a secure, flexible and ubiquitous charging network

  • Our network is endorsed by the National Cyber Security Centre. The same secure network can be used for electric vehicle charging
  • Secure, ubiquitous communications technology, with 99.3% coverage across Britain
EV secure charge network

A fair, easy to use service

  • Our network will enable a consistent, easy to use service that is the same no matter where drivers charge
  • We believe in offering drivers choice. Our network will enable fast and simple¬†switching of charge point providers
Fair EV charge network

We enable, so our customers can innovate

  • Only by working together will we help consumers move away from petrol and diesel cars and achieve the Governments 2030 target
  • Our network will allow system operators, charge point providers and utilities to¬†innovate and collaborate to protect the integrity and security of the network.