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End to End User System and Device Testing

Wednesday 4 May

End-to-End User System & Device Testing (US&DT) enables Parties to validate the interoperability of their Devices, back office systems and associated procedures with the DCC Systems. DCC wishes to notify Testing Participants that End-to-End US&DT can commence from the 4th July 2016 against functionality provided by Release 1.2 (R1.2). Testing Participants are required to provide 40 working days' notice to DCC of their intention to commence testing. DCC therefore invites Testing Participants to notify DCC of this intent from the 6th May 2016 onwards.

End-to-End US&DT must be undertaken in accordance with the End-to-End Testing Approach Document (E2ETAD), as well as general testing obligations set out in the Smart Energy Code. The E2ETAD includes Entry Criteria that must be met before testing can begin. The Industry Test team will conduct assurance activities against these criteria to ensure they have been achieved for each Testing Participant.

Testing Participants intending to conduct E2E US&DT are expected to have read and complied with both the E2ETAD (the baselined draft of which can be found on our website) and the relevant sections of the Smart Energy Code (SEC).

Testing Participants must use the 'Party Notification of Intention to Undertake Testing' Form as provided below when notifying DCC of their intention to conduct testing. Forms should be sent to the Industry Test team via

Party Notification of Intention to Undertake Testing form