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Pre-User Interface Testing

Availability of 'pre-UIT' environment

DCC announces a change of the date from which the pre-UIT environment will be made available.

DCC will not be able to support 'early connectivity' testing in September as announced on 01 July 2015. Those Testing Participants who have already requested and been allocated a testing slot, will be contacted shortly by DCC's Test Assurance Team to arrange new time. 

It is anticipated that the Pre-UIT solution will be made available from November 2015 which will support limited Service Request processing. The technical details and timing will be confirmed in due course and the Pre-UIT guide will be updated with these details.

The reason for the change in the commencement date;

  • We aimed to produce a solution with SMKI-capability before DSP (and CSP simulator) and SMKI had been integrated in any environment
  • Delivery of Pre-UIT alongside a stable code-base into SIT was reducing focus on core delivery - necessary to focus on developing a stable core solution and make that available to Pre-UIT at the right point in time

We will update the calendar showing available testing slots once we have firm delivery dates.