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Systems Integration Testing

Systems Integration Testing (SIT) confirms that the different service provider systems work effectively together to meet the requirements set out in the Smart Energy Code (SEC). These include:

  • Data Services Provider systems
  • Communications Services Provider systems
  • SMKI and Repository systems
  • Parse and Correlate solution
  • Self-Service Interface
  • Help Desk
  • Central DCC systems (for example billing systems)

SIT also checks that the Registration Data Provider systems are integrated effectively with the Data Services Provider. We will use meters during SIT, if available, and these will be selected using the Device Selection Methodology.

SIT, which encompasses functional and non-functional testing, is undertaken in accordance with the SIT Approach document which is approved by the SEC Panel. This includes Exit Criteria that must be met before  testing can conclude. We will check that these have been achieved and an independent audit will also be carried out.


System Integration Test Approach v5.8

Version 5.8 of the SIT Approach Document was approved by the SEC Panel on 8 July 2016. DCC is publishing the document in accordance with Section T2.11 of the SEC.


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