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GBCS Integration Testing for Industry (GFI)

GBCS Integration Testing for Industry, or GFI, is a free software tool, developed by DCC, to share its interpretation of Great Britain Companion Specifications (GBCS) v0.8.1 for SMETS 2 Smart Electricity and Gas meters with SEC and non-SEC Parties.

The tool allows you to emulate the sending and receipt of GBCS messages and help identify any potential differences with your interpretation of the specifications.  GFI covers all electricity and gas smart metering equipment (ESME and GSME) Use Cases covered within GBCS v0.8.1.
GFI is not available as a download but delivered on a USB memory stick along with a specifically-programmed USB -connected ZigBee radio; which allows GFI to communicate with your intended meter. GFI also includes meter simulators. 

DCC has developed an enhanced version of GFI which now provides support for a persistent HAN and support for one meter device and additional PPMID, IHD and CAD devices.

This new release of GFI includes major design and user interface changes and is not fully compatible with GBCS tests created with previous releases of the tool.  Please watch this short video and read the GFI Enhanced user manual and Release Note before upgrading.

Support for the existing version of GFI will be maintained until 30 September 2016.

GFI will initially be released as a series of external release candidates before a Full Feature Release in September 2015.  Dates for each release are as follows:

  • 1st Candidate External Release - end June 2015
  • 2nd Candidate External Release - end July 2015
  • Full Feature Release (GFI 1.0) - end August 2015

If you would like a copy of GFI, email to register your interest and the team will arrange for a copy to be shipped to yo

Have you tried the GFI user manual? This contains lots of useful information on how to use GFI. 

Still having trouble? If so, email

As a registered user you will be provided with a testing issue resolution process and template which you should use to raise issues.

GFI is supported only machines with the following minimum specification:

  • Core - i3 or i5 CPU
  • 8GB Ram or 500GB SATA
  • 7200RPM or 256GB SSD
  • UK spec and keyboard
  • Free USB 2.0 port
  • Certified to run Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS (Dell or Lenovo Desktop hardware) 

Important note

GFI is only supported on Linux and the installation process will format the machine on which it is to be installed, install a clean Linux operating system and then install GFI.

GFI R2.0.0 useful documents

GFI R2.0.0 release Note

GFI-3.0.0 useful documents

Release Note

Known Issues

Firmware Update Firmware

GUI Manual

Installation Manual

Segmented Processing

Technical Reference Manual

Triage Tool User Manual

SMITEn Lite Installation User Manual


GFI-3.0.1 useful documents











GFI-3.0.2 useful documents