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Enduring Test Approach

Update - 27 August 2015

The Government is seeking views on some additional requirements for inclusion in the Enduring Testing Approach Document (ETAD) and its date for incorporation into the Smart Energy Code (SEC). This is detailed in the letter below and DCC publishes it for information. The proposed legal drafting to deliver these additional requirements is detailed in Annex B (additional content) below, which is to be added into Section 5 of the ETAD (annex A), which DCC previously submitted to the Secretary of State and published.

Responses are due by 15 September 2015 and should be sent to the Department of Energy and Climate Change at:

DECC consultation letter on ETAD
ETAD 1 and 2 submission FINAL (annex A)
Additional content for ETAD (annex B)

In accordance with Section T6 of the SEC, DCC has submitted the Enduring Testing Approach Document (ETAD) parts 1 and 2 to the Secretary of State. As required by Section X1.15 of the SEC, DCC publishes this draft SEC Subsidiary Document below.

The published document is subject to the Secretary of State's approval. The Secretary of State may request that further work is undertaken, may make further changes directly or may choose to approve the document in its current form. It is therefore published for information only.

DCC also publishes respondents' comments to the consultations on both ETAD 1 and 2 along with our response to those comments.

ETAD 1 and 2 submission FINAL
ETAD Part 1 Consolidated Responses - Secretary of State 
ETAD Part 2 Consolidated Comments - Secretary of State