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Test Assurance

We oversee all stages of programme testing to ensure the licensee and service provider systems are fully integrated with DCC service.

We also support users and other categories of test participants to integrate their systems and metering equipment with our network.

Our role covers a broad range of duties:

  • Working with service providers and users to establish the test strategy for the smart metering programme
  • Assuring that DCC systems, including those of the service providers, have been thoroughly tested and are ready for live operation
  • Establishing and administering the processes by which prospective Users prove they can interface with the DCC service
  • Providing facilities for Users, meter manufacturers and other categories of test participants to test the interaction of their meters and back-office systems against the DCC service
  • Managing the resolution of issues that arise during testing

Joint Test Strategy

The Joint Test Strategy sets out how the Data Services Provider (CGI) and the Communication Services Providers (Arqiva and Telefonica) will conduct testing for the smart metering eco-system.

Testing & Test Assurance

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In accordance with Section T of the Smart Energy Code, we perform testing activities and provide assurance to SEC Parties that Smart DCC systems have been tested thoroughly.

We help customers to connect to the DCC network and communicate effectively and securely.



Common test scenarios:


DCC end-to-end testing:


DCC Testing Participants Guide: