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Parse and Correlate

Parse and Correlate software enables Users to ensure that critical service requests to Devices, such as smart meters and Communications Hubs, in XML correlate to the same command in a Home Area Network (HAN)-ready format.

It will also parse responses in HAN format from devices into XML to enable them to be read by User systems.

Parse and Correlate is a bespoke software product written in the Java programming language. Parse and Correlate 0.8.2 is a release provided by DCC covering all use cases aligned with the Great Britain Companion Specification v0.8.2 and the associated DCC User Interface Specification and Message Mapping Catalogue v0.8.2 specifications.

Version 0.8.2 is available via our Live Operations page to any organisation requesting it.

DCC ran a consultation on the Parse and Correlate requirements in June 2014.