Update 01 September 2015

The Non-Gateway Interface Specification was submitted to the Secretary of State as a draft SEC Subsidiary Document on 28 May 2015. DCC notes that there are ongoing discussions about the appropriateness of proceeding with the solution set out in the draft SEC Subsidiary Document. It therefore reminds its stakeholders that the Non-Gateway Interface Specification was published as a draft, for information only, and the Secretary of State has yet to conclude on its suitability in its current form and it is therefore subject to change.

We understand that smaller energy suppliers may not be able to use DCC services as soon as they become available.

At the early stages of smart meter roll-out, suppliers who are not yet Users may win customers with smart meters. DCC offers a registration procedure to allow these suppliers to become accredited non-gateway suppliers (NGS). After registration, NGSs will be able to create requests for organisation certificates which must be placed on the smart meter systems they acquire.

NGSs will also have internet access to the DCC service to allow them to place their certificates on the smart meters they win as a result of normal customer churn. Once the NGS becomes a full User, DCC will be able to offer the full range of commands to control the meters they have acquired.

Non-Gateway Interface Specification

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The NGIS sets out the means by which Suppliers that are not yet Users may have their Certificates placed on Enrolled Smart Metering Systems following a change of Supplier event.

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Published date: 28 May 2015

Effective date: 01 January 0001