Communications Hubs

Communications Hubs will be installed in homes to allow smart meters and in-home displays to connect to each other across the Smart Meter Home Area Network (SM HAN).

The Communications Hub also connects these devices to the DCC and energy company systems via the Smart Meter Wide Area Network (SM WAN). This means meter readings can be taken automatically and remotely.

Energy companies will install Communications Hubs in premises but DCC is responsible for their supply. And different Communications Hub variants will be supplied, depending on which area of Great Britain they will be installed in. In central and southern regions, cellular and wireless mesh technology (provided by Telefonica) will be used to connect to the SM WAN, while in northern regions, Communications Hubs will use long-range radio (provided by Arqiva) for wide area communications.

Find out about the Communications Hub Support Materials consultation and the Intimate Communications Hub Interface Specification.

Availability of Test Communication Hub
In accordance with F10.14, DCC has published a notice that sets out why DCC consider that it is not cost effective to make a number of test Communications Hub variant available pursuant to SEC Section F10.

Update on live operations
We have published a DCC Notice which  updates Parties on the Communications Hub Order Management System (OMS).

Update on Communications Hubs size
We have published a DCC Notice updating Parties on Communications Hub size and the number of Communications Hubs per pallet for the Central Region and the South Region.

Training on the installation of Communications Hubs
DCC has published a Notice and Invitation to Comment covering the training on the installation of Communications Hubs, which includes the dates of the training courses. DCC asks for comments by 10 March 2016.