Products & Services

DCC is leading the design, build, test and integration of the data and communications infrastructure to connect smart meters with the business systems of energy suppliers, network operators and other authorised users.

Our Service Providers are delivering the network on the ground.

DCC Release 1.2 is now live in South and Central regions.

This project is a considerable undertaking and is supported by robust programme management to co-ordinate delivery across multiple stakeholders. We ensure that services, systems, resources and assets are in place in accordance with the programme plan.

The DCC is part of the smart metering implementation programme, which is overseen by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

You can find out more about the DCC programme here.

Test Assurance

We oversee all stages of programme testing to ensure the Licensee and service provider systems are fully integrated with DCC service. We also support Users and other test participants to integrate their systems and metering equipment with us.

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Design & assurance

Through the design function, we provide formal assurance and acceptance of the technical products created by our service providers to ensure the end-to-end architecture and integration of DCC services.

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