Products & Services

Smart DCC provides products and services to enable efficient communication of energy data and information between consumers (homes and businesses), energy suppliers, network operators and other authorised DCC users. The highly secure Smart DCC network is designed and built to standards prescribed by the National Cyber Security Centre.

Smart DCC and our suppliers (Including BT, CGI, Telefonica and Arqiva) support the needs of our customers (enrolled SEC parties including energy suppliers, transporters, providers and other users), as well as supporting key national infrastructure through our secure communications network.

The key products and services currently offered by Smart DCC are summarised in the table below:

DCC Products & Services
Communications Hub
Service Request Variants 
SRV Usage and Updating
Parse and Correlate
Testing & Test Assurance

In addition to the core products and services above, we also provide the following:

- Communication Services: Smart DCC provides the communication and data service between smart meters and the energy suppliers, network operators and other authorised Smart DCC users.

- Service Management: Smart DCC provides the service management tools, systems and processes necessary to deliver fit for purpose DCC operations, giving a single point of contact to support our customers and to help them use our secure systems.

- New Service Implementation: Smart DCC supports industry and customers through the development of new services, functionality and market wide reform.

- Elective Services: Smart DCC manages the Elective Services process, which allows Smart DCC customers to request tailored messages and alerts, to and from the smart meters of their customers.

Test Assurance

We oversee all stages of programme testing to ensure the Licensee and service provider systems are fully integrated with DCC service. We also support Users and other test participants to integrate their systems and metering equipment with us.

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Design & assurance

Through the design function, we provide formal assurance and acceptance of the technical products created by our service providers to ensure the end-to-end architecture and integration of DCC services.

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