New services available through Service Desk


DCC is pleased to announce the availability of four new services to support SEC Party testing with DCC. They are available with immediate effect and are ordered via the DCC Service Desk

These services are: 

Ordering of Remote Test Lab facilities

SEC Parties, including Energy Suppliers and other Parties such as Device Manufacturers and Test Houses can undertake Device and User System testing on a voluntary basis. This testing may be carried out in a CSP Test Lab or by using a remote testing service

Ordering of Prototype Comms Hubs

Testing Participants are able to order Prototype Communications Hubs to support Device and User System testing in the End-to-End Testing stage.

SMKI Registration

The SMKI Registration process is as defined in the SMKI RAPP which is available on the DCC website and which also contains PDF copies of the registration forms.

DCC Gateway Connections

Parties are now able to request configuration of their installed DCC Gateway Connections.

If you have any questions related to these services then please send them to us at: