Consultation on CH Supporting information Issue 1.3


DCC is consulting on proposed amendments to the CH Supporting Information (CHSI) document, in accordance with its obligations in the CH Handover Support Materials. The CHSI includes, in accordance with clause 1.4 of the CH Handover Support Materials, information regarding Communications Hub packaging and labelling, diagrams relating to significant metallic obstructions, information regarding the LED indicators on Communications Hubs and a description of the aerial types DCC makes available within the South Region and Central Region.

DCC is consulting on proposed changes to this document (in accordance with clause 1.6 of the CH Handover Support Materials) as set out in section 3. DCC is consulting only on the updates made to the CHSI, which appear as tracked changes in the draft version which has been issued alongside this consultation document.

Consultation response deadline is 12 May 2017.