DCC's 5-year look to a more connected, greener future


Over the past year at the DCC, we have made good progress on our journey to digitise the UK energy market. This includes:

- 1.7 million second-generation (SMETS2) meters installed. This will soon be 2 million with 23 meters installed a minute

- Beginning to migrate first generation (SMETS1) onto our network, which will bring many smart meters back to life and allow consumers to seamlessly switch suppliers

- The faster, more reliable energy supplier switching programme starting its design, build and test phase.

Our recently published Business and Development Plan sets out our five-year plan for delivering a host of improvements for our customers, energy suppliers and distribution network operators, and details a range of key activities and programmes.  This includes bringing better connectivity for our network through increased coverage, dual band communications hubs, and exploring 4G connectivity.

The plan also explains how we are planning to fulfil our obligation to enable innovation and re-use of our network, which is expected to lower the costs to customers and bring new services to consumers. Our new test lab facility in Manchester will support this work, bringing enhancements to our testing services for customers and new tools for innovators.  This work will be a force for public good and help us drive forward a low-carbon economy.

We are a key delivery partner in Ofgem’s faster, more reliable switching programme. Our Business and Development Plan highlights the progress we have made in this programme, and how we will make seamless next working day energy supplier switching a reality.

Let us know your thoughts on our Business Development Plan, and thank you to everyone involved who helped us shape it. This work reaffirms the DCC’s purpose of making Britain more connected so we can all live smarter, greener lives.