Industry Insights

Scaling up support for our customers
Getting the basics right for our customers

Our Director of Service Management , Mo Asif, shares his thoughts on the new customer relationship service wrap and what it means for our customers.

18 March 2019
A (near) real time view of a secure data network

Robbie MacIntosh, Director of Technical Operations at smart DCC, shares his thoughts on the Technical Operations Centre and why we’ve created it for our customers.

15 March 2019
Second generation smart meters reach half a million

DCC announces half a million SMETS2 meters on the Network. Read more here.

11 March 2019
Empowering careers through education in early careers and beyond

Cliff Morton, Director of People and Organisational Development at smart DCC, shares his views how we can empower careers through education in early careers and beyond.

04 March 2019
February Innovation Event Achievement

Mannu Rawat, Head of Product Design at smart DCC, talks through the highlights of February's innovation test event in partnership with the University of Chester.

25 February 2019
Connecting for the public good

Smart metering is central to a sustainable energy future. The Smart Data Communications Company’s secure network underpinning the roll-out will have the capacity to be re-used for Britain’s benefit. Read more here.

18 February 2019
DCC signs up to REC
Smart DCC becomes a multi-code organisation

From 1 February 2019, a new code comes into force which Smart DCC will need to comply with. This is a significant milestone that will see us become a multi-code organisation.

01 February 2019
Creating a supportive workplace environment

At DCC, we’ve achieved a lot this year. As our operation scales up, our people agenda continues to evolve too. Putting in place the right support for our people during our business’ evolution is really important to us as we continue to grow.

25 January 2019
Scaling up support for our customers
Scaling up support for our customers

Scaling the operation here at the Data Communications Company has come a long way in recent months, and we’ve achieved some major milestones. Mo Asif, director of service management, provides a detailed update on the progress at Smart DCC.

23 January 2019
Testing Team
Interoperability event update

Smart DCC achieved the key step in the development of smart energy home technologies and consumer data remote management concept. Read more here.

09 January 2019
Connected! Quarter of a million smart meters

Quarter of a million smart meters are now installed onto the Data Communications Company’s secure network.

07 January 2019
New Consultation Open
Improving customer and stakeholder engagement consultation

Smart DCC launches a major consultation on improving engagement with customers and stakeholders

03 January 2019