Interface Specifications describe the interfaces between the DCC solution and its Users and how they are intended to work. They contain definitions of the interface formats to help Users integrate their business systems with the DCC solution.

DCC User Interface Specification

The DCC User Interface Specification (DUIS) sets out the technical details of the DCC User Interface which is the means by which Users interact with Devices.

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Message Mapping Catalogue

The Message Mapping Catalogue (MMC) specifies the translation of data that is created at the Device-level by smart meters and other associated devices into a format that is standardised and interpreta

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Self-Service Interface

The Self-Service Interface (SSI) allows authorised Users, using supported web browsers, to perform a range of self-service functions.

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Registration Data Interface Specification

The Registration Data Interface Specification (REGIS) concerns the interface between DCC and Registration Data Providers.

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DCC Gateway Connection Code of Connection

The DCC Gateway Connection Code of Connection is a Subsidiary Document as an appendix to the Smart Energy Code (SEC4.3 at appendix G)

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Latest Updates

    • 01
    • January 2020
    Smart Export Guarantee Scheme – Live 1/1/2020

    This is a briefing document outlining the new Smart Export Guarantee scheme. The SEG becomes live on 1/1/2020

    • 17
    • December 2019
    Statement of Service Exemptions 2019

    DCC has published a final version of the Statement of Service Exemptions for the Regulatory Year 2018-19.

    • 29
    • November 2019
    Second-generation smart meters pass 3 million mark

    The Data Communications Company (DCC) has confirmed that the 3 millionth second-generation smart meter (SMETS2) has been installed onto its smart, secure network. More than half-a-billion encrypted messages to and from smart meters have been carried by the DCC’s secure network this year.