DCC Users

If you think you might want to become a User, or you are in the process of becoming one, this section will help you get started.

Here you will find essential information on:

  • types of Users
  • how to become a User
  • what happens after you become a User
  • what more you need to know
  • what help we can provide

What is a User?

A User is an organisation that has completed all entry requirements and is able to communicate with DCC smart metering devices.

Why become a User?

Certain types of energy industry participants (domestic energy suppliers and network operators) are obliged through their licence to become Users.

Other companies must become a User if they wish to communicate with a DCC smart metering device e.g. to get a history of a customer's consumption or details of their current tariff (subject to obtaining the customer's consent).

The only way of communicating with a DCC smart metering device is by becoming a User.

Using the network offers a range of benefits e.g. suppliers will avoid the complexity and duplicated costs of installing their own networks. 

Types of Users 

The Smart Energy Code (SEC) allows the following User roles:

  • Import Supplier
  • Export Supplier
  • Gas Supplier
  • Electricity Distributor
  • Gas Transporter
  • Registered Supplier Agent
  • Other User

You can find the definitions of these roles in Section A of the SEC.

Go to our design and testing pages to find out more about the DCC infrastructure and how to use it. 

Costs of becoming a User

DCC recoups its costs in accordance with the Charging Methodology set out in Section K of the SEC. If you are a User in one of the five charging groups i.e. suppliers and distributors/transporters, you will be eligible to pay a monthly fixed charge per meter registered to you.

Other charges are applicable for specific services, for instance related to gateway connections and communications hubs and other services you request from DCC.

Further information is available in our charges section.