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Review of the post-implementation temporary maintenance schedule

On 19 August 2016 Smart DCC Ltd (DCC) consulted with Parties to the Smart Energy Code (SEC) on its intention to implement a temporary maintenance schedule in place of the SEC provisions relating to Planned Maintenance for a limited period . DCC has been using the temporary maintenance schedule since 8 November 2016. DCC agreed to review the maintenance schedule after four months and seek an extension if necessary. This consultation forms part of that review. Response deadline for Parties is 12:00 2 March 2017.

Temporary maintenance schedule and BCDR testing

DCC has today published a consultation on two separate proposals to use alternative arrangements to those outlined in the SEC temporarily during the period following DCC Live.

Consultation on draft DCC Development Plan

DCC has today published a consultation on the draft version of the DCC Development Plan covering the five-year period starting from the Regulatory Year 2016-17.